Greetings from the
Dressage Owners Resource Group

Dressage is a unique sport that naturally creates a special connection between riders and owners at all levels of competition. It is truly amazing to participate from the vantage point of an insider in the process of competing at major international competitions. What a thrill it is to see your horse go down the centerline of the World Equestrian, Pan American or Olympic Games as part of the US Team. The possibility of winning a medal makes it even more exciting. It is with this in mind that the Dressage Owners Resource Group (DORG) was created to enlarge the world of horse ownership and support the evolving needs of current and potential High Performance Dressage horse owners. The DORG would like to welcome you to our new website, www.ExperienceDressage.com. Here you will find a wealth of information related to horse ownership, from how to form syndicates in order to buy great horses for talented riders, to suggestions on where to stay, how to get tickets and other benefits that may be available for owners when attending major international competitions. Please join us in this exceptional experience of being an insider strengthening and supporting our US Dressage Team.



The US Dressage team is facing a challenge. As the sport of Dressage continues to evolve, so does the caliber of horse necessary to be competitive on an international basis. As such, the costs to be competitive at the international levels have increased dramatically over the past 10 to 15 years.

Most of the top competitive countries have financial support from their governments, so individual elite riders from Europe and Great Britain do not have to finance their dressage careers alone. In the US, the majority of the costs associated with supporting a high performance horse are borne by the horse’s owner who is often an individual who is not the trainer/rider. In those cases where the rider is also the owner, the rider’s financial situation is often further stressed.

In short, there is currently not enough private, individual financial support to help our top riders obtain and maintain high performance horses. As a result, Team USA has fallen behind because our top professional riders (both Elite and Emerging) have no depth in their stables and therefore we struggle to have depth on Team USA. The DORG was formed to assist in creating opportunities for all of our talented riders to reach their potential and dreams of international success.



The mission of the DORG is to work in conjunction with the USEF to develop and implement a sustainable system which encourages and supports current and potential individual/corporate owners or ownership groups/syndicates to ensure the USA’s athletes are mounted on the finest horses in the world. In addition, our mission is to serve as a resource and community center for new or potential USA Dressage owners especially those wishing to pursue high performance competition. Our ultimate goal is to help the United States earn medals at international competitions and become the number one nation in the world of Dressage.




  • Broaden and be an advocate for horse ownership
  • Enhance the experience of horse ownership at all levels
  • Develop and maintain an owner’s awareness, appreciation and recognition program.
  • Maintain recommended “best practice” guidelines for enhancing the owner/rider partnership.
  • Maintain close link to USEF Dressage Sport Committee
  • Maintain athlete advisory representation on the DORG